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Duck Hunting

Argentina offers some of the finest duck hunting to be found anywhere in the world. Liberal bag limits and unique waterfowl species make this country one of the best destinations for the serious waterfowl hunter.  Our duck hunting areas lie just north of the province of Cordoba, and in the south in the province of Santiago del Estero. Our other area is in  the province of Santa Fe, along the Parana River. The duck hunting season runs from April 1st through September 15th.

Our lodge, "El Picazo" in Santiago del Estero, is situated just minutes away from the water’s edge, where our boats, powered by gauchos on horseback are waiting to pull you through the flooded plains to your shooting site. This on its own is worth the trip!  Once you arrive at the shooting site you will step out of the boat, and your bird boy will set up your shooting stool, prepare your blind and put out the decoys.  Then prepare yourself for some of the most incredible duck hunting you will ever experience.  

At certain times of the year, depending on the water level, this area is hunted by traveling up or down the rivers and wading on the flooded pastures. Along the banks, cover is found readily and used as a blind. The area is so vast that you never hunt the same place twice.  Chest waders are a recommended although the water level you will be hunting in is usually below the knees. Most shooting stands have wooden flooring and have been installed by our guides during the dry season.   

The area is also well known for excellent pigeon shooting, high volume dove shooting and perdiz hunting, which can be added on as extra days or maybe substituted with an afternoon of duck hunting. Arrangements must be made in advance to provide our scouts with ample time to locate birds and have dogs available on standby.

The Picazo lodge has 4 bedrooms, double occupancy each, as well as private bathrooms with showers. Our duck hunts are limited to a maximum of 8 hunters and a minimum of 4 hunters, and a minimum of 2 days of hunting. We limit our duck hunts to 25 to 30 in the mornings and the same in the afternoons. 

Another of our hunt areas is in the neighboring Province of Santa Fe which is to the east where we have our lodge "Yatay". It can accommodate up to 12 hunters and sits right on the bank of the Parana river. This area consists of mostly flooded pasture and flooded grain fields.  One can easily access the blinds by boats and  wading  a short distance in shallow water to set up.  When hunting this area, you will enjoy accommodations, fine meals, and wines served at the lodge. 

These unparalleled areas have some of the largest deltas to be found in Argentina.  Studies by international ornithologists have come to recognize these as some of the most unique areas, with the largest concentrations and most diverse species of aquatic wildlife.  This is truly a paradise for waterfowl collectors.  It is not uncommon to shoot 8 - 12 species of ducks in one day.  

Both areas are between 3  to 5 hours drive from Cordoba, and 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hours drive from our Dove hunting lodges, making our duck hunts very convenient to combine with our high volume dove hunts in Cordoba. High volume dove shooting is also available in “El Picazo” Lodge in Santiago del Estero.  Upon requests charter flights can be arranged ahead of time.

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


Chiloe Widgeon
Red Shoveler
Rosey Billed Pochard
Yellow Billed Pintail
White Cheeked Pintail
Fulvous Tree duck 
White Faced Tree duck
Brazilian Teal
Cinnamon Teal
Silver Teal
Ringed Teal
Speckled Teal
Black Headed duck
Rudy duck or Argentine Blue Bill 


$700 per hunter/day in Santiago del Estero (El Picazo/La Peregrina Lodge)

$220 per/day for Non-Hunters in Santiago del Estero (El Picazo Lodge)

$700 per hunter/day in Santa Fe (El Yatay Lodge)

$220 per/day for Non-Hunters in Santa Fe (El Yatay Lodge)

*All costs are based on double occupancy (Minimum of 4 Hunters). Single occupancy at additional charge  -  Groups of less than 4 hunters please consult with us on rates.


* Airport and ground transports
* Meals & Accommodations
* Bird boys
* Boats & Decoys

* Open bar (Local Beverages)


* License ($200)
*Cost of Shells
$15 per box (12, 20, 28 and 410 gauge)
* Gun permits at $150 per gun
* Roundtrip Airfare to Argentina

*Optional Gun Rental ($70 per day)
[Must reserve 90 priors to hunt]

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