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"What more can I say, hunting in Argentina with Paco was a dream come true, I fire more shells in five days than ever before in my entire life, it was amazing. The amount of birds was incredible, the duck hunting was indescribable, the food and the service was 5 star. It was so good that I am going again next trip next year. Debbie, Iíll tell my brothers and we will bring my Dad along as well. This time we want to do 3 days of doves, 2 days of pigeons and 2 days of ducks.
Keep up the good work!"
German Ibarra
Atlanta, Ga


ďThis is my second trip that I have hunted with Paco, my first trip was phenomenal, so I decided to go back again and the second trip was better than expected, I hunted 4 different type of birds (Dove, Pigeon, Duck & Perdiz) I didnít hunt Perdiz on the first trip and I did on the last trip, the Perdiz (wild) fly very fast, shot the limit in a couple of hours an exceptional hunt, that I would strongly recommend to experience. The guides, staffs, lodging & food consistently outstanding. Hunting in Argentina puts the States to shame, canít wait to take my son on the next tripĒ

Looking forward on going back again,

Rene Arencibia
Coral Gables, FL


"Paco, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience we had on our recent hunting trip. 2009 marked my 12th year hunting in Argentina with you. It's your true professionalism and incredible amount of birds that keeps me going back year after year. The hospitality, the Argentine "home-styleĒ cooking, the accommodations, the relaxing leisure time as well as the hunting experience were thoroughly enjoyed. ďArgentina Bird Hunts offers what I look for Ö a first class experience.Ē Julio Pena, Fl




"There I was, trying to raise the bid on an Argentina dove shooting trip that was bean auctioned off at the Chapter banquet.
I was only bidding on it to play a joke on one of my buddies that wanted it real bad. Well it went too far and the joke was on me. I ended up being the highest bidder
and was stuck with the hunt. Or so I thought I was at the time. Turns out this was the best hunt I have ever been on. I had no idea. The amount of doves! the people, the food!!! , the wine, I can go on and on everything was great! Paco, No joking around, the only reason I didnít leave you a deposit at the airport for next year, is because I had spent all my money on extra shells and besides, I am looking
Forward to the next Banquet. No one is going to out bid me on this one. Itís no wonder Pete and Bobby wanted this hunt so badly."

Ron Keller
Alexandria, La