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The most frequently asked questions regarding High Volume Dove Hunts in Cordoba.
Q - What do I need to bring?
A - Don't leave home without a good shoulder recoil pad and eye and ear protection are a must. Also it's always a good idea to bring along rain gear, a warm jacket, and a pouch for your shells, a pair of thin soft shooting gloves and tape for your fingers may come in handy, and of course all your other personal items.

Q - How far is the dove hunting area from the lodges?
A - The Estancias are right in the middle of the hunting area, so you are only a few minutes drive away.

Q - How do I pay for the extra shells that are included in my hunting package?
A - In Argentina, they will only take cash in US dollars, but many people prefer to prepay shells by check in USA. If you prepay and do not shoot all the shells, your money will be refunded before your departue at the end of the hunt.

Q - Is the dove hunting better in the high season?
A - No, not necessarily; it’s just that hunting season in the U.S. is open and most hunters like to come down spring and summer, which is our fall and winter, so we are slower this time of the year. The other reason is that Ducks, Geese, Pigeons and Perdiz are available during the high season.

Q - Will I be able to shoot all the rounds included in my package?
A - Yes, on the average you should be able to shoot about 1,000-1,500 rds. per day. But every individual is different, and a lot of factors are involved.

Q - What is the cost of additional shells?
A - $12 per box for 12 or 20 ga. $14 per box for 28 and 410 gauge.

Q - What grams of shells and no. will we be shooting?
A - Normally 28 grams of powder and 7 1/2 - 8 no. shots.

Q - How far are the Dove Hunting Lodges from the airport?
A - The drive from the airport in Cordoba is about 1 1/2 hours to “La Macarena Lodge” and 2 hours drive to “El Rocio Lodge”. However, if you are hunting in Santiago del Estero the drive will be from 3 ½ to 4 ½ hours.

Q - How many hunters could you accommodate in the Lodges?
A - The Estancia "La Macarena" has 9 Bedrooms, 8 Baths and can accommodate up to 18 hunters at one time. "El Rocio" has 8 Bedrooms, 8 Baths and can accommodate up to 16 people at one time. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and heating.

Q - What other amenities are available at the Lodges?
A - "La Macarena" has a pool.” El Rocio” has a Jacuzzi. Massage treatments can be enjoyed at either lodge as well. Our chef specializes in typical Argentine cuisine. You can also enjoy big screen TV with DVD and stereo systems in our Great Rooms.

Q - What about getting there?
A - The best way to get to Cordoba is to fly LAN Chile which goes into Cordoba via Santiago, Chile. These flights will get you into Cordoba early enough to hunt the first 1/2 day. Just make sure your flights arrive early enough.

Q - I understand this is package is a 3 full days hunt?
A - Yes, you will hunt the first day you arrive 1/2 day, then for 2 full days and then the last day you will hunt 1/2 day. So in total you will hunt 3 full days.

Q - If I put a group together can I get a discount or a free hunt?
A – Please contact us to become a group leader, if you put a group together of more than 10 hunters, you may come for free as a guest, and pay only for your hunting license and the shells you shoot.

Q - Can we combine the dove hunt with waterfowl or pigeon shooting?
A - Yes, we can customize any hunt you like.

Q - How about combining perdiz hunting with the dove hunt?
A - Perdiz may be hunted in the dove areas, but is limited. You may do an afternoon hunt over pointers for a small group of hunters. The cost for this afternoon hunt is $350 per person.

Q - What is the cost of waterfowl, perdiz, and pigeon shooting?
A - Waterfowl and perdiz $700 per full day, pigeon shooting $650 per day.

Q - We always hear about how many birds someone shot, how do they keep track?
A - Each hunter will have a Bird Boy with a clicking counter they wear around their neck, and they will keep track of how many birds you bring down.

Q - What is the job of the Bird Boys, besides keeping track of how many birds I bring down?
A - They will also keep track of how many shots you fire by saving all of your empty boxes for you and make sure you have plenty of cool drinks and snacks. They will also keep your pouch filled with shells and retrieve your birds and empty shell casings at the end of the shoot. They will also display your birds for photo opportunities as well as carry your gear to the field, set up your blinds, etc.

Q - Are the Bird Boys young boys?
A - No, they are adult, responsible experienced young men that take their jobs very seriously and work very hard for your tips.

Q - How much should I tip the Bird Boys and staff?
A - Standard tipping for Bird Boys is $40 per day.and $40 per day for the lodge.

Q - If I want to add on an extra day of shooting to the dove package hunts, how much will it cost?
A - First you have to determine which package you are on, then subtract to cost of the 2,500 shells ($1000). Then divide the rest by 4, and this should give you the cost of the daily rate to your package.

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