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The most frequently asked questions regarding Duck Hunts:

Q - Where do we fly into for the duck hunt?
A – If you are hunting in Santiago del Estero you will fly into Cordoba. If you are hunting in San Javier you may fly into Santa Fe airport which is closer.

Q - How far is the drive from the airports in Cordoba to the Duck hunting lodges?
A – The lodges in Santiago del Estero “El Picazo” and “La Pelegrina” are 3 ˝ and 4 ˝ hours drive from the airport in Cordoba. To the "Yatay" Lodge which is in San Javier it is about 4 1/2 hours.

Q - How far is it from the Duck Hunting Lodge to the hunting area?
A – In Santiago del Estero it is about 10 -30 minutes from the lodge to the blind. In San Javier it’s only a few hundred yards to the delta’s edge.

Q - Is there a limit on ducks?
A - We normally have 2 shoots per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Your limit is 25-30 ducks per person per shoot.

Q - What is the season for duck hunting?
A - The duck hunting season runs from April 1st through September 15th. Some years there may be an early season in San Javier due to the damage the ducks cause in the rice fields.

Q - What about waders?
A - Yes, bring your own chest waders with you.

Q - What About decoys?
A - We employ the use of decoys in our duck hunts as well as "Mojo" decoys.

Q - Should I bring my Duck calls?
A - Absolutely. I can't picture a duck hunt without them. Teal calls work well, and whistle calls work great, especially on tree ducks and pintails.

Q - Will I shoot different species of ducks?
A - Yes. It's not uncommon to take 6-10 different species on one shoot. There are 14 different species available in our duck hunting area.

Q - What about shells? What kind and what gram of shell will we be using?
A - We use Fioche and RD shells of 30-32 grams and No. 4 & 5 size shots.

Q - How far is the drive from "El Picazo" to the Dove hunting lodges in Cordoba?
A - It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive from the dove hunting lodges in Cordoba, but we also have excellent dove and pigeon shooting in Santiago del Estero were you can combine these hunts.

Q - How far is the drive from "Yatay" lodge to the Dove hunting lodges?
A - It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive.

Q - Can I hunt any other game in Santiago del Estero?
A - Yes. Perdiz hunting can be arranged in the afternoons, with the use of dogs. Arrangements must be made ahead of time to bring in the dogs. You will also find very good pigeon and high volume dove shooting in this area at certain times of the year depending on the crop harvest.

Q - What is a Perdiz?
A - A Perdiz is a Tinamon. The Lesser is similar in size to a large quail and the larger ones are the size of a partridge or grouse. It is native to Argentina. Four different species are found in this area: The Lesser, the Greater, the Montara, and the Martineta.

Q - Can we take a charter flight to the duck hunting area to avoid driving?
A - Yes. We can arrange a charter flight upon request given ample time. The cost depends on the number of passengers. Please consult with us. The rates are very affordable.

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