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The most frequently asked questions regarding 

Pigeon Hunts:

Can we add on a day or two of pigeon hunting in combination with a dove hunt?

Yes, you can add one or two days if you'd like, in either Cordoba or Santiago del Estero.


Where will we stay?

You will stay at "Corrientes Lodge"  when hunting in Santiago del Estero.


How far will we have to drive to the field?

From 10 to 45 minutes from the lodge, all depending on the field you'll be hunting that day.


Are the pigeons hunted over decoys?

Yes, they are hunted with the use of decoys or pass shooting.


Is there a limit on how many Pigeons I can shoot in one day?
The limit is 200 birds per day.


What other game birds are found in the area that can combine with Pigeons?

You can combine a Pigeon hunt with Ducks in Santiago del Estero, or with High volume Doves in Cordoba.


Can I combine a morning or afternoon hunt with other species?

Normally Pigeons fly all day, but the action really gets hot in the middle of the day, so it usually starts late in the morning and finishes in the afternoon this makes it difficult to combine with other hunts, so We normally do a full day of it and have lunch in the field that day.


We always hear about how many birds someone shot, how do they keep track?

Each hunter will have a Bird Boy with a clicking counter they wear around their neck, and they will keep track of how many birds you bring down.


What is the job of the Bird Boys, besides keeping track of how many birds I bring down?

They will also keep track of how many shots you fire by saving all of your empty boxes, make sure you have plenty of cool drinks and snacks. They will also keep your pouch filled with shells; retrieve your birds and empty shell casings at the end of the shoot. They will also display your birds for photo opportunities as well as carry your gear to the field and set up your blind and decoys for you.


Are the Bird Boys young boys?

No, they are adult, responsible and experienced men that take their jobs very seriously and work very hard for your tips.


How much should I tip the Bird Boys and staff?

Standard tipping for Bird Boys is $50 per day on dove hunts and $50 per day on Pigeon and Duck hunts.

Plus tips $50 for lodge.


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